Skiing the East Coast on the 4th of July!!!

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4th of July Bowl, Indy Pass, The Great One, Mt. Hood… Argentina?. There are plenty of classic places to go make some celebratory 4th of July turns. Skiing on the 4th is a fantastic tradition that exercises your freedom as an American to the max. I often hear  people say though that skiing on the 4th is only for Colorado, or Volcanoes in the Pac NW. If you are stuck on the East Coast you are out of luck.

Tucks from afar Tucks from afar

Not true though! Tuckerman ravine often holds snow into July, and occasionally even August. It is a quick and beautiful hike. This year there was about 500ft of skiable snow left in the run formerly known as Sluice.

Only me up there at 8:30 Only me up there at 8:30

I left Stowe, VT at 4:30 am and pulled into a nearly empty lot at 7:30. I jogged up to Hermit Lake, ate a bite and kept climbing.

Sluice glacier Sluice glacier

The Sluice Glacier was looking good and dirty. A couple stream were flowing underneath it, but it looked safe enough.

Dirty snow Dirty snow

i took 4 runs for the 4th and called it a day. On my way down I ran into the Northeastern Outing Club on their annual pilgrimage to Tucks. They were is stellar form, decked out in ‘Murica wear, bikinis, grill and beers in hand.

Northeastern Outing Club representing hard! Northeastern Outing Club representing hard!

I celebrated the 4th of July, skiing in July, and my 23rd consecutive month skiing with a quick dip in the creek on the way down.

Quick Dip Quick Dip

What a way to celebrate this freedoms we are fortunate enough to have in this country!


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